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treat your skin to a facial


All facials are personalized and include a relaxing face, neck & shoulder massage












Voted the dream treatment.

Cactus & Mud Tightener

The cooling sensation and tight feeling of this facial leaves you looking and feeling completely refreshed and aids in the tightening of loose elastin.

Cherry Jubillee Exfoliator

The unbelievable scent of cherries on your face fills your senses and gives your skin a deep cleansing. Allowing your skin the chance to be bacteria free and clear.


Papaya Lift

Papaya gently lifts the top layers of dead skin away to reveal younger looking skin. Combined with a antioxidant packed mask will prove to be a result you are looking for.


Pumpkin Pleaser

This tantalizing aromatic facial, aids in the digestion of dead skin cells, while combining hydrating lactic acid to polish your skin.


Green Tea Revitalizer

This high dose of antioxidants will get your skin going. It promotes circulation and the antibacterial properties help remove impurities. Your skin will feel tightened and refreshed.


Vineyard Bliss

This soothing and hydrating facial is perfect for a blast of ultra hydration and antioxidants. Your skin will look plumped, polished, and refreshed.


Twelve Flower Hydrator

This highly emollient facial will leave you with truly soft & supple skin. Ready for the summer heat and dryness.


Teen Corrective

Teenagers have active skin going through major changes. Extractions, salicylic acid, and clay masks, help dramatically. Educating them on proper skincare routines are my goal.


Body and Face

Begin your 90 minute treatment with a relaxing back sugar/salt scrub, massage & detoxifying hot mud therapy with aromatherapy. Then to top that off, flip over and enjoy a personalized Deluxe Facial. The ultimate spa treat...covers it all.


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