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benefit from a silkpeel facial

Firming & Lifting

Ideal for anyone who desires luminous, hydrated tighter and more firm skin. Stimulates your natural collagen and leaves the skin feeling and looking healthier. Reveal a visibly vivid youthful appearance.

Acne & Deep Pore


Designed for oily or acne

prone skin.

A combination of Salicylic Acid and Clay products help draw out impurities and reduce pore size while killing the bacteria that causes inflammation. An amazing facial for problematic skin.

Texture & Tone 

Helps smooth rough texture, decrease uneven skin tone and promotes collagen regeneration. Antioxidant-packed products help reduce the appearence of rough skin, sun spots, dryness, and the build-up of dead skin

Lighten & Tighten


Combines naturally active lightening products with Hyaluronic Acid to bind the water in the skin. This will plump and lighten your skin tone and targeted areas of concern. Great for Melasma and sun spots.

All SilkPeel Facials are 60/90 minutes- no downtime. They are medical grade and tailored to your specific skin needs, and include a neck, shoulder and face massage. $150.00 - $180.00

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